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Formerly Sine Drones Reviewed

Monday, 07 July 2011

Disquiet, the essential website for ambient / electronic music, has published an article called “Time of the Sines” about my latest album “Formerly Sine Drones” with some interesting commentary about how it was made:

The sine wave is arguably the most rudimentary building block of electronic music. It is the source for various forms of synthesis: a simple sonic object that can be tweaked, prodded, processed, and layered to create new sounds. Simple as its sonic makeup is, that undulating up and down cycle, it can be, in the hands of some musicians, an object of intense aural attention unto itself. C. Reider has made a prolific habit of using constraints as a means toward creative ends, perhaps most notably in the employment of early drum machines in the production of music for which rhythm is not the main point. On his recent freely downloadable album Formerly Sine Drones, released by the Modisti netlabel, Reider makes several different sine waves do marvelous things.

The tracks range from wildly active to deeply sedate. The latter is the case with the album’s final cut (MP3), titled “777 Hz.” All the tracks are named for the frequency of the sine wave from which they are built, ranging between “12 Hz” to “3456 Hz,” as chosen by followers of his account when he put a call out for random numbers.

There’s more explanatory info, a streaming track and a graphic illustration at the article:

Review “Falling into Disrepair”

Saturday, 10 October 2010

The Disruptive Platypus blog has offered up a brief, but positive review of my recent collaboration with Desohll “Falling into Disrepair” out on the Dark Winter netlabel.

Read the review here

Cocky and Stupid American Drone

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Here’s a new track, in progress, something I’ve been playing around with. I’m aware that it might be strident to some listeners, but I’ve been fascinated of late with high frequency & low frequency contrast.

The title refers to the Pew Research study that showed that American young people are uneducated and un/mis-informed, but make up for it with an abundance of confidence.

Cocky and Stupid American Drone by C. Reider

Falling into Disrepair

Monday, 09 September 2010

ARTIST: C. Reider / Desohll
TITLE: Falling Into Disrepair
LABEL: Dark Winter
KEYWORDS: Darkambient

Celebrate Autumn, celebrate entropy with this dark ambient epic…
“Falling Into Disrepair” by C. Reider / Desohll
A free download from the Dark Winter netlabel.

Drone 925

Sunday, 09 September 2010

Drone 925 by C. Reider

Drone Fish

Wednesday, 07 July 2009

If you love drones (I thought everyone did!) you should listen to this NPR Morning Edition segment about the midshipman fish:

NPR Morning Edition, midshipman fish

That fish makes some astoundingly beautiful acoustic drones. I could listen to a whole CD of nothing but that. Constant indeed.

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