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Thursday, 06 June 2009

I thought I’d pass along a recommendation of an underground recording I’ve just enjoyed. Olifaunt‘s newest album “Three Crows Become Four” (love that title!) is an autumnal set of churning bass drones, reminiscent of Crib (wow, Crib is important enough that it has a Wikipedia entry! If only I were so important! Alas I’m just not “notable”)… also recalling prime Maeror Tri.

I reckon this project will find its way onto a label like Kranky or Infraction sooner than later, (definitely sooner than Drone Forest) so go check them out now and you can say you were there before the poseurs!

Olifaunt has given this album to the world for free, at the Internet Archive (link), and/or at Last.FM (link).

Beard Power

Saturday, 04 April 2009

Somone just commented on C. Reider’s Last.FM page saying:

Молодой Лев Толстой))

… which translates as “Young Leo Tolstoy))”…

… which is pretty much the best comment ever! :DE

In other news, I just listened to the new collaboration between myself and Desohll, and it’s pretty wonderful. Vaporous and spooky dark-ambient! It appears that its release is imminent on Drô6n Records.

This is a preview of something else way cooler involving Desohll and C. Reider yet to come!

cr/io on Last.FM

Sunday, 03 March 2009

Those of you whom enjoy using the Last.FM service ought to be happy to know that I’ve added my collaboration with the Implicit Order to their stream-able library.

C. Reider / The Implicit Order @ Last.FM

While you’re there, you could also listen to some C. Reider and Drone Forest.

No Net Without Representation

Sunday, 12 December 2008

I’ve been challenged to think about my music in a different way after having recently joined a couple of the big social networking sites, such as MySpace and Last.FM, and having set up an artist page for C. Reider at Last.FM. The quandary for me on these sites lies in picking a handful of tracks from my history of recording that is somehow representative of my work as a whole.

So: I plug in some tracks that represent my experimental / avant-garde side, and then some others that represent my drone ambient side, and some others that represent my experiments with rhythm and minimal techno… fine. I decide to show a bias toward newer music over the rest of my nearly 20 years worth of back-catalogue… No problem.

Then I listen back to what I’ve come up with… In theory it should all flow together beautifully, instead it all crashes together ungracefully.

The question, I guess, is whether my brain is playing a trick on me, do I partition these sides of my musical output into strict compartments, or is my music really in conflict with itself?

Where is the connective tissue?

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