It is a strange time. Corporations are struggling to hold onto that which cannot be held captive. Music is not a thing that you can lock in a cabinet, so that you can charge someone a fee each time it is accessed.

     The facts and fallacies of the current application of copyright law have been argued many times and much more eloquently than I could hope to do, so instead, here I will explicity elucidate Vuzh Music's policy toward copyright in regards to its catalog of releases.

     Taking any Vuzh Music release and falsely claiming that it is your own work is absolutely not cool. Anyone who would do such a thing is absolute scum, and frankly, I can't imagine why anyone would. Make your own music. It's easy.

     Making copies of Vuzh Music releases and trying to sell them is absolutely uncool. This is what I think of when the word "piracy" is mentioned. The ONLY place Vuzh Music releases can be bought at this time is through this website, or by mailing payment to me, c. reider. If any distributing is ever arranged, such a fact will be clearly detailed somewhere on this website.

     Making copies of Vuzh Music releases for friends, or for distributing over peer-to-peer networks is fine by me. To me, it helps get the word out about what great music we have available, so go for it. I do ask that if you do plan on making a copy for a friend, or putting files up for people to download, you at least put a link to this website up in the ID3 tags, or on the CDr, or elsewhere. I do think if you want the best possible copy of the release, it should come from Vuzh Music, we have some quality control, and attempt to make our releases as professionally as possible.

     Many of our newest free to download releases have been release into the Creative Commons with an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Look for the CC banner:
Creative Commons License

     On a related note, if you've downloaded a Vuzh Music release, don't hesitate to drop me a line to let me know how you liked it. I'm happy you've discovered the music available here.

     If you've downloaded some Vuzh Music releases, and want to show your support for the artists that make the music, consider a donation via PayPal:

     Here are a few links to sites that deal with copyright laws:

Negativland's Intellectual Property Issues page
boycott the RIAA
the RIAA Radar
the Record Industry
Lawrence Lessig blog

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