Monday, 29 December 2008

In the waning days of 2008, I accomplished a goal… with a little noodling on an old dusty BOSS Dr. Rhythm, and a lot of editing, I finished the last of the tracks for the Electret Quintet, which I’d really wanted to complete before the end of the year. Each piece is named after the day that most of the basic work on it was done, and I guess I thought it would be kinda lopsided if one or two pieces were done in ’09. There are now 25 pieces in total, five will appear on each of the five releases. Only one piece ended up being in 5/4 time… I should have played around with time signatures more.

Frankly I’m happy the project is complete. It was a great project, I learned a lot from having done it, and I’m very happy with and proud of most of the work. That said, I am really ready to move on. I don’t think I could push the concept any further given my current setup.

I’ll still have some mixing and a lot of mastering to do. I’ve only just begun the mastering process for volume two in the series. I hope to get the series completely released during 2009. Once it’s all out I might solicit some remixes… that could be fun.

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