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Monday, 16 February 2009

ne quid nimis has been unavailable for a very long time, nearly a decade. I’m happy to have it available again, even with its flaws… so many things I might do differently now!

By the time I released ne quid nimis I was in flux between being a mail artist and being a musician. I had already recorded all of the ENDT material, and later the Luster material that became the not named cassette… and I had conducted the mail art/sound art project “GRIME: the secret content of the abandoned roadside tapes”. I’d also used my new 4-track which I’d bought from a guy who was in naram sin to finish up a collaboration with Dr. Terrence 13 called the Unseelie Court. Side note: Dr. 13 is now a puppeteer (youtube channel here).

So this record was more or less my fourth main musical undertaking… maybe attaching a number in a sequence is not entirely accurate, I had been playing with recorded sound since my teens, now and again, whenever I could!

This was the first musical project that I felt that I had complete control over. Much of the previous work had been in collaboration… Even the Luster tape, essentially solo work, was recorded and engineered by a guy who later went on to be a “real” recording engineer. It felt strange for me having someone else recording and engineering for me, and even if I had no idea how to record music by myself, it felt much more natural to explore sounds with the intimacy of one man and his tape recorder.

What I didn’t have was focus. I recorded a bunch of stuff and didn’t really have any idea of sticking it all together as an “album”. I guess I was more into conducting audio ‘research’. I made mix tapes for my friends of the things I was working on, but for some reason an official “album” type release hadn’t occurred to me.

Carl Howard of AudioFile Tapes (now an internet radio DJ here) was a huge encouragement for me at this time, I might not have put this record out at all if it hadn’t been for him. I owe him much gratitude! I don’t remember what he told me, it may have just been “put together all your good stuff on one tape and give it to me and I’ll put it out on my label.” That’s probably all I really needed, though!

Carl’s impressive tape label was sadly lost due to a massive computer crash sometime in the latter nineties. I think this was a great loss to the whole underground. I’m pretty sure he had released about 200 tapes by the likes of Maeror Tri, Ed Ka-Spel, Jim O’Rourke, Klimperei, the Drowningbreathing, Swinebolt 45… some of those guys even have Wikipedia pages now!

Anyhow, I thought it might be fun, since this release is so absolutely ANCIENT to write a commentary on this release song by song, so I’ll be making a few more posts as the days go by about each track on the release. I might have more to say about some tracks than others, but if you like this release, you might have some fun reading my memories of making it.

more to follow…

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