Crook’d Finger vs. Harlan & D.Rhythm:O

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Around the turn of the century, I used the project Crook’d Finger to produce some fun, grooving techno stuff – distinct from my sometimes po-faced solo work.

Only two releases ever came out by this project (though more material is still in the vault). The debut EP split with FZZY PMPR “Aft” came out in 1999, and was re-released as a standalone EP in 2009 (free download link).

Now, finally the second release is available, also for free download.

Crook’d Finger vs. Harlan
Crook’d Finger vs. D.Rhythm:O

Originally released in extremely limited quantities on cassette in 2000, this release takes on some taped sounds sent in by percussionist Harlan and runs in peculiar directions with it. A slightly darker & more atmospheric mood comes in with the remix of D.Rhythm:O, now surviving with the more well known name Dronaement. This remix is from some tapes of the various incarnations of the band from that time period.

The Crook’d Finger stuff is, without a doubt, the most approachable music I have ever done, and I always thought it could reach a wider audience. Maybe now that it’s available in such a free and open format, it can.



  1. […] you should download or not — you should by the way —, but I’ll let C. Reider have the last word: The Crook’d Finger stuff is, without a doubt, the most approachable music I have ever done, and […]

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