Remix Project Update

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Remixes for my 20 year anniversary remix compilation are coming in!
There is still a month to get tracks ready for it!
Check out the details here if you are an underground / netlabel musician:

Japan’s minimal tech master Taisougao contributed the first beat-oriented track:

Vuzhmusic TB303+TR626 Psychedelic micro acid house mix fix by taisouegao

It’s pretty fucking great, as you can tell!

So far most of the remixes I’ve received concentrate more on the drone aspect of my work… this is awesome too, check out Mysterybear’s track:
Deep Structure (for C. Reider) by mysterybear


So far then, lots of kick ass drone stuff, a couple of keen noisy tracks and now I’ve got one good beat mix. All of these are important aspects of my work.

I do hope the Taisougao isn’t the only track to be rhythm oriented though! After all, some of the work on the Electret Quintet is the best stuff I’ve done, in my own opinion.

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