Best of 2010 PLUS: Miquel Parera Jaques

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My post detailing my favorite netlabel releases of 2010 was quite popular, and led to a lot of people discovering some cool music, which is one of my main goals, aside from promoting my own music. It is my humble opinion that all netlabel artists ought to have the same goal: namely to promote the stuff in the netlabel underground that they think is really great at the same time as they promote their own stuff. That way ALL of us benefit, both listeners and producers. Right? Right.

With this in mind, I am going to be focusing on each artist (hopefully-this will depend on if they want to participate or not) whom I reviewed in the best of 2010 post, re-running the review I originally wrote, but I’m ALSO going to ask each of the artists reviewed to recommend a few completely FREE netlabel albums that THEY have enjoyed recently.

Previously we’ve had recommendations from:
1.) Mystified
2.) Marc Weidenbaum
3.) Christopher McFall
4.) Andreas Brandal
5.) Meteer
6.) Gurdonark
7.) Mark Stolk

Spain’s Miquel Parera Jaques caught my ear this year, and became one of my favorite new discoveries in underground music. Here’s what I said about his 2010 release:

Miquel Parera Jaques – nx004_Automatic
Tinnitus drones moving along algorithmic flight paths. Computer music for hypnotizing organic life forms.

I asked him to provide some listening suggestions, he sent an entire podcast as a reply (download it here:

This year was the first I’ve heard consistently only creative commons experimental music. As you know I’ve been doing a selection of the twelve tracks of each month that I really liked. I did the same with the whole year so I have left a selection of thirteen tracks (the extra part of jnn100). Do not add comments for each release because English is not my native language and because I prefer to speak only the sound.

Perhaps the small list will serve to your blog (plus):

nx2010-00_01/ Scmute – [tn021] Kofiq – Eora

nx2010-00_02/ Coeval – [cnv58] Distante 3 – Epilogo

nx2010-00_03/ Jacob Newman – [earman119] Reflections and Diffusions – Music for Clouds

nx2010-00_04/ Fescal – [bp056] Lethal Industry – Wayfaring Geography

nx2010-00_05/ Nemeton – [nocti9] Liminal – Hypnagogic Dream

nx2010-00_06/ Susperia-Electrica – [earman132] Turmoil – Close Your Eyes See The Stars

nx2010-00_07/ Cezary Gapik – [amp066] Vol.49 – #0455

nx2010-00_08-1/ Lucette Bourdin – [earman143] Horse Heaven – Dweller in the Infinite

nx2010-00_08-2/ C.Reider – [jnn100] No-R-mal II – Will fall

nx2010-00_09/ Fabio Keiner – [pc09010-02] Without Words Without Silence – Evening Evocations III

nx2010-00_10/ Peregrino Р[rb089] El azul helado del alba РCientos de luces extra̱as iluminan la noche

nx2010-00_11/ Rakombinacje – [wh136] Izolacje Sensu – (Shockley-Read-Hall)

nx2010-00_12/ Ángel Faraldo – [modisti 18] Scelsi Remix: 7 Mantras – Aum

Download the compilation:

More info:

Thanks Miquel!

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