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Saturday, 01 January 2012

The seventh track in the Dystimbria continuum is by Utah’s AODL, and is titled “Collarado”.

Artist statement: “I took Dystimbria 6 and chopped it up, shuffled it, re-joined it, chopped it up, and shuffled it again, and had a couple of tracks built from all of that, all on the computer. I did some computer distortion of one of the generated tracks, and chopped the non-distorted and distorted ones up into two batches of samples of 2 seconds each. I then loaded those samples into MPC500 programs and plugged the MPC500 into two MoogerFoogers (Ring Modulator and FreqBox) and a Metasonix TM-1 Waveshaper and played a live set using only this gear and these samples (in pairs of noise and non-noise, one with “note-on” play, and one with “oneshot” play). “

Download it here:

End of Year Mentions

Saturday, 12 December 2011

It’s the end of year, and I always look forward to reading the end of year best of lists for netlabel music, as it’s a great way to see if I missed anything.

I’m still working on my own best of 2011 list, so definitely look for that in the coming weeks…

In the meantime, I’m pleased to see that some of my works and those released on my two netlabels have gotten some appreciation in best of lists.

Both Mystified’s top 10 list, and the top 10 by Acts of Silence gave a nod to Owning Extinctions by C. Reider. Thanks to both of you!

Acts of Silence also lists “Cheptel éparpillé” by Le Berger in his top 10, this track was released on my brand new netlabel, where you can find it and download it for free.

Also receiving mentions in Acts of Silence’s 100 notable netlabel releases list were Vuzh Music releases of Apollon – Nox and Auzel – Old and C. Reider’s release on Modisti netlabel “Formerly Sine Drones”.

Power Drain

Sunday, 11 November 2011

A new track is up on Dystimbria by Mystified, called “Power Drain”. It’s mighty nice / nice & mighty. Mystified’s new track uses the previous two releases (by Kid Feardive and Le Berger) on Dystimbria as the only sound source.

Downloads may commence… … NOW!

Cheptel éparpillé

Sunday, 10 October 2011

Canadian composer Samuel Landry, better known in the netlabel underground as Le Berger, has stretched himself out of the comfort zone to produce a satisfyingly raspy track for the fourth release on the new netlabel Dystimbria, which exists to be a musical conversation about the no-man’s land between ambient and noise music.

Please visit to download Le Berger’s “Cheptel éparpillé”.


Sunday, 09 September 2011

There is a brand new track up at Dystimbria, the new netlabel begun less than a month ago…

The new track has been submitted by Dave Keifer under his Kid Feardive moniker. He also does music under the name Cagey House.

The new track adds to the continuum, using samples from the previous two pieces released on the label as source material, while adding new material into the mix. The new composition remains in flux throughout its length, presenting several scenarios that quiver and shudder under tension and then transition into something else, stretching into new shapes, new tensions.

Check out “Triceratops” by Kid Feardive at

Intro to Dystimbria

Tuesday, 09 September 2011

Vuzh Music is announcing a brand new project, you could see it as a sub-label, or as a completely separate netlabel. It’s a bit of both.

I think it describes itself best, so I will refrain from writing a lot about it, aside from telling you that the name of this new website is (that’s ‘cc’ as in Creative Commons!) …

And there is brand new music there from C. Reider and from Mysterybear.

Click this:

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