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Hold Music: Tape of the Month

Sunday, 08 August 2013

“Hold Music” was given the honor of ‘Tape of the Month’ for August 2013 by Tabs Out Podcast.

Here’s some of what they had to say about it:

“Hold Music” is an even 10 tracks of serious mood music, mostly improvised pieces, with a couple of field recordings. The opener, The Old Way, is a deep-meditation of guttural oscillations and buzzing high-end clocking in at a fairly short four and a half minutes before the first field recording, Band at Fickel Park. Being that Reider is from Colorado, I assume this recording is from the Fickel Park in Berthoud, CO located at 620 Mountain Avenue. The Berthoud Parks & Recs website says they got a newly refurbished tennis court with lights, so be sure to check that out if you’re in the area. The field recording grips the sounds of birds, some wind tapeofthemonth_tapechimes, and ongoings in the distance. There doesn’t appear to be any manipulations done, just a pure recording of nature, and a nice transition piece from The Old Way to Print Room.

Check out the rest of what they had to say here:

Review of Four Improvisations

Tuesday, 07 July 2013

“Four Improvisations” by C. Reider & C. Reider out on the OpenSoundGroup label was reviewed by Yeah I Know It Sucks blog.


“The music moves like a good story and when I close my eyes an amazing film is being presented in these fine sounds. It feels like friendly aliens have landed somewhere in a remote area of a snowy Alaska, where they are helping out the locals to keep warm by providing unearthly knowledge and machinery. They are absolutely a peaceful bunch as the sounds are very friendly and warm, even though my ears have never heard many of these sounds with my own human ears before. High buzzing, warm low base tones of electronic communications, crisper sounds, echoes of warmth and strange electronic surgery equipment. With its more than 24 minutes play length this track definitely got time enough to create a wonderful and exciting atmosphere of a friendly sci-fi kind.”

Four Improvisations can be downloaded here:

Buddha Reduction news

Monday, 07 July 2012

A couple of cool things going on with regards to the new C. Reider release “Buddha Reduction“:

The company that makes the Buddha Machine, FM3, chose this new release as their remix of the month. Check out the excerpt here:

Marc Weidenbaum wrote a brief article about the release for the excellent web journal Disquiet:

And of course, the full album is still available for streaming or free download right here:

Review of “Flow”

Sunday, 02 February 2012

The new EP from Germany’s the Euphoric Hum was reviewed by the blog Acts of Silence.

Author David Nemeth writes:

“Flow is an album that refuses the boundaries of language — it is just electronic music. Flow is everything you might think electronic music is and, at the same time, everything electronic music is not. Stephan Dragesser aka The Euphoric Hum writes, “Often my pieces are based on little loops, and the tracks are based on long sessions experiment with sounds, to bring the sound in a form, make a track, is always a problem for me, because I can basically get lost.” Getting lost is apropos of everything and nothing when writing about Flow.”

(read the entire review here)

You can listen to and/or download “Flow” by the Euphoric Hum on Vuzh Music by following this link:

End of Year Mentions

Saturday, 12 December 2011

It’s the end of year, and I always look forward to reading the end of year best of lists for netlabel music, as it’s a great way to see if I missed anything.

I’m still working on my own best of 2011 list, so definitely look for that in the coming weeks…

In the meantime, I’m pleased to see that some of my works and those released on my two netlabels have gotten some appreciation in best of lists.

Both Mystified’s top 10 list, and the top 10 by Acts of Silence gave a nod to Owning Extinctions by C. Reider. Thanks to both of you!

Acts of Silence also lists “Cheptel éparpillé” by Le Berger in his top 10, this track was released on my brand new netlabel, where you can find it and download it for free.

Also receiving mentions in Acts of Silence’s 100 notable netlabel releases list were Vuzh Music releases of Apollon – Nox and Auzel – Old and C. Reider’s release on Modisti netlabel “Formerly Sine Drones”.

Auzel Interview

Friday, 09 September 2011

After the release of this year’s debut album by Auzel on Vuzh Music, entitled “Old“, many were intrigued by this unique release and the enigma behind the music, described on the website simply as “a mysterious woman”.

You can learn about more about this reclusive personality, as she has agreed to an interview with AUTOreverse. You can read the interview here:

Review by AUTOreverse

Saturday, 08 August 2011

The newly resurrected AUTOreverse review engine has chewed on the two C. Reider releases for 2011 “Owning Extinctions” and “Formerly Sine Drones” and come up with a funny review.

“59 Hz,” is 3:22 of what sounds like a ground hum. If you’re expecting the guitar to plug in and this humming sound to go away, well, that doesn’t happen. The noise is the star.

“Clathrate Gun Hypothesis,” sounds like an echoey underwater chamber, an alien life form beside some stalactites. (…) Several rhythmic elements operating independently, with that tension in the middle. This one is prettified chaos.

Read the full review here:

Busy News Week

Sunday, 07 July 2011

It was a busy news week at Vuzh Music, so I thought I’d do a roundup of everything that happened, in case you missed something.

It would be a pity if you missed the incredible new release from the new Vuzh Music artist Auzel, her release is so peculiar and awesome that it gives me shivers.

Then there was the big interview with C. Reider! Interesting stuff to read. Subjects discussed include listening, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico & lots of stuff about my history & method of composing.

Disquiet ezine wrote an informative article about the new C. Reider release “Formerly Sine Drones”, much space is given to the methodology & constraints of this strange little work.

AUTOreverse also reviewed the lovely new Auzel release, Ian compared it to things like Skinner Box, Rasputina & 4AD releases. Money quote: “This album is scary and weird. I like it very much.”

Lastly, I joined the silly new social network Google Plus. Add me or whatever.

Auzel reviewed

Friday, 07 July 2011

Auzel has gotten her first review of the brand new release “Old” from AUTOreverse webzine. Ian Stewart of AUTOreverse said:

14 shortish pieces. Micro, minimalistic. Lots of samples, surrounded by rustic, homemade vocal drones. “I Remember It More Now” is a couple of rhythmic, glitchy loops beset by noise-abuse. “The Maid And The Cook” is kooky and frenetic, using some seriously high frequencies amid piano and xylophone-type sounds. Like a lost piece by Skinner Box. “Incorrect Spell” continues similarly, maybe like one of the early Rasputina album interludes. “Too True” is an all-too-brief vocal piece that sounds like some lost record on 4AD that I wish I had heard before. Wow. “Herringbone” is a whispery, breathy, trippy, heavily-processed conversation. “She Turned Into The Dog” is just gorgeous ambience, sounds like an echoey cello or an e-bow with a bit of humming on top. This album is scary and weird. I like it very much. A mighty fine release.


Thursday, 07 July 2011

C. Reider was interviewed by old friend & colleague Ian Stewart for the resurrected online version of AUTOreverse magazine. This is the first interview I’ve done in well over a decade. I enjoyed the peculiar challenge of explaining myself, and I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve got to say.


I am a voracious listener. I listen to loads of music, as much new stuff as possible all the time. I listen to my surroundings everywhere I go… there are interesting sounds everywhere. I try not to listen to what people say, if I can help it, but I do listen to the way they say it, I love voices and inflections and accents. All sound influences me. Listening is maybe something like a religion.

Read the entire monstrosity here:

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