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Schemawound – BEASTS

Monday, 01 January 2013

Out today on Dystimbria, the first release of 2013:

Schemawound – BEASTS(Homunculus-Basilisk)

Dystimbria is a netlabel offering works by composers exploring sounds between what might be called ‘noise’ & ‘ambient’. Each release on Dystimbria appropriates sound sources from previous releases on the label, making all releases inter-connected.

Download it at Dystimbria.CC

Alex Charles – Drum

Wednesday, 11 November 2012

The new release at Vuzh Music is by Alex Charles.

“Drum” is a work using acoustic percussion instruments to create a soundscape that mimics some sounds common in electronic abstract / drone music.

It’s free to download, so why don’t you? Huh?

C. Reider live Fort Collins

Monday, 10 October 2012

I’ll be playing live in Fort Collins at Gallery GNU on October 30, with Fort Collins locals Hyle & Card 13 and special guests from Chicago (Pulled at Four Pins) and London, England (52 Commercial Road). Should be a fun time.

Here’s the Facebook page. Leave a supportive comment or something!

Backyard Improvisations

Wednesday, 09 September 2012

The new release on Vuzh Music is by David Nemeth, titled Backyard Improvisations.

The recording features real-time, unprocessed, percussive improvisations on common backyard furniture, such as ‘fire pit’ and ‘chair’ and ‘trash can’. With scraping and tapping Nemeth finds music exactly where it is: everywhere.

This release is free to stream or download at the link above, and is released under the open CC BY license.


Wednesday, 09 September 2012

The netlabel Dystimbria has been down for an unknown amount of time, I hadn’t checked on it in a little while and somehow the domain registrar charged me to renew but didn’t actually renew.

It should be up and running now, however I’ve noticed that the site has not propagated out to the entire world yet. My friends in Canada can see the site at the present, but I cannot!

Hope you haven’t thought that Dystimbria had been abandoned it is still alive and well, and looking for new contributions!

New Release! One of the Drone Boys

Tuesday, 08 August 2012

There’s a brand new release out today by C. Reider!

It’s out on the excellent Linear Obsessional netlabel. After you’ve scooped up this release, I heartily encourage you to look into their other releases, because there are a bunch of very, very good ones there.

C. Reider – One of the Drone Boys

“A while back, Frans de Waard said in a review of my music …that he had been previously under the impression that I was just “one of the drone boys”. I was a little amused by this because, aside from my association with Drone Forest, I had… never actually put out much music … that could really be categorized as pure drone music. Drones have been an important touchstone in my compositions, obviously, but I certainly don’t think of myself as strictly a drone artist. So, I thought, why don’t I just get to it and put out real drone album? That’s how this release came together… although it’s ironic that now this isn’t actually going to be my first proper drone album, it’s been preceded by “Formerly Sine Drones” an exploration into perversions of sine waves. Oh well, there goes all the poignancy and meaning out of this release.
This one’s dedicated to all my fellow drone boys & girls.
–C. Reider, August 2011 (from the sleeve notes)”

Album release page:

Label page: Linear Obsessional

Disquiet Junto Concert comedown pt 1

Monday, 08 August 2012

Sorry if you tried to tune in to the stream of the concert last night, we had technical difficulties with it and gave up.

There’s a fair amount of photos yet to be posted, plus recordings of the concert, but here’s some stuff to look at right away:

I have no idea how to embed an Instagram photo… (?), let’s see if the fancy new WP Twitter embeds work like they say.
(my dual contact mic’ed glass harp photo by Marc Weidenbaum)

C. Reider's synths

(my stuff + my awse & hands photo by Robert Nunnally)

Here’s a bunch more of the others at the show:

Stream update!

Saturday, 08 August 2012

Here’s more information about the stream of the concert tomorrow night, if you go to the Disquiet channel, the stream ought to be available right on that page!

Junto concert Streams live tomorrow!

Saturday, 08 August 2012

Tomorrow evening!

The Disquiet Junto concert that will be happening tomorrow at 7:30 or 8PM Mountain Standard time USA will be streamed live: video and audio on UStream

I’m told that there’s no way to link to the specific show stream until the link is live, so if you follow the Twitter feed for @disquiet that’s probably the best way to find the correct link on concert night tomorrow. You’ll have to watch it, it should hopefully be posted on his feed by 5:30 or so.

Please tune in if you can, it’s going to be great!

C. Reider Live this Sunday

Tuesday, 08 August 2012

Hello everyone,

If you’re in Colorado, please come to see the Disquiet Junto Denver concert at the Walnut Room on Sunday, August 19. Doors are at 7, tickets are 10 bucks.

This is a ridiculously cool event, there are seven artists performing with the “electronically enhanced glass harp”.

Performing will be:
Offthesky and Pillowgarden
C. Reider
Ten and Tracer
Cody Yantis

Here’s information about the project:

And then a Facebook link, for those of you who do the FB:

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