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Derivative Netlabel

Thursday, 04 April 2013

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new netlabel, complete with a new album by C. Reider!

This is a big project with a big goal: to spur artists toward allowing people to sample from their work by use of derivative-friendly Creative Commons licenses.

It’s probably best to let Derivative Netlabel speak for itself, so please visit:

While you’re there, please listen to and/or download the new C. Reider album “the Conjuncts”, an album made almost exclusively from samples of music licensed with derivative-friendly Creative Commons licenses.

The mission of Derivative Netlabel is to release free, new, sample-based music – specifically that which pulls its sources from the vast pool of sound that is licensed so as to permit adaptation or derivative work, (known colloquially in the netlabel community as “derivs”).* This mission is intended to serve as a support for artists and labels currently working with permissive licensing, and to raise awareness of the benefits of allowing work to be freely remixed by anyone.

Jeffrey Melton

Sunday, 03 March 2013

Netlabel colleague / comrade Jeffrey Melton died Saturday, March 29, 2013, announced today by someone using his twitter account @nofi.

I have an upcoming release that features a remix of “number none v.01r” from Selected Dubs vol. 1. The remix was going to be a surprise, he never got to hear it, nor knew anything about it.

Here are links to Melton’s music:


Tuesday, 03 March 2013

I have released a new album, it is admittedly a minor one… and fully process oriented: the idea of it is the interesting bit (and it wasn’t even mine!). That said, it’s still worth a listen. It kinda reminds me of some of the Drone Forest stuff.

Hm. Second C. Reider cover art with citrus fruits on it. I don’t know what that says about me.

I decided against a proper netlabel release for this one, and opted instead to release via Sound Cloud. I’ll make this available only during a short window of time until deleting it, I don’t plan to re-release it thereafter. At the time I’m writing this blog post, the whole set has only been downloaded once, only listened to about 5 or 6 times. Perhaps that will be the only activity before I delete it — that’s okay by me.

Here’s a link to the full set:

There are 24 tracks, each roughly a minute long.

Here is the description I wrote, which appears on each track page:

Longform ambient is de rigueur in netlabels these days, especially now that the freeware application Paulstretch makes it so easy to stretch short duration sounds into improbably lengthy ones.
For this project, I selected the first twenty-four longform ambient pieces I came across that were both free to download and licensed allowing for remixing / derivative works. Those twenty four tracks were time-squeezed down to somewhere around a minute each. No other processing was done to any of the pieces.

It would take over twenty six hours to listen to all of the original tracks I used as source material.

This idea came directly from something David Porter said. Credit and blame goes his direction.

Download the cover art:
Cover photo by Flickr user woodleywonderworks, licensed CC BY

Download the info text:

Full linked attribution is in the info.txt I linked to above, and attribution for each track is on the SoundCloud page.
The artists whose work was used as source material are as follows:

  • Digital Mass
  • Approx
  • Cousin Silas
  • Earlyguard
  • Hertz & Honeycutt
  • Mystified
  • Drone Forest
  • Geronymakis
  • Grove of Whispers
  • Turmoil
  • Desohll
  • C. Reider
  • Fosel
  • Tribe of Astronauts
  • System Essence
  • Jane’s Scenic Drive
  • Zieltogend
  • Mister Vapor

Forsaken Ghosts

Sunday, 02 February 2013

There is a new track available now on Dystimbria.

Titled “Forsaken Ghosts” it was made & submitted by The Icarus Descent.

Check it out:

Dystimbria is a netlabel offering works by composers exploring sounds between what might be called ‘noise music’ and ‘ambient music. Each release on this netlabel appropriates sound sources from previous releases on the label, so every release is inter-connected with the others.

Katie Gately – Across the River

Sunday, 02 February 2013

The newest track available on Dystimbria is by Katie Gately, and it’s called “Across the River”

It’s sixteen minutes of bliss, I’m really very fond of this one indeed, hope you will be too.


You may also notice while you’re there, that I have fully implemented Sonic Squirrel widgets for all tracks, so you can stream every track in a pop-up player and also download from the Sonic Squirrel mirror if you prefer that.

Sonic Squirrel

Sunday, 01 January 2013

I have made a mirror of all tracks from Dystimbria netlabel that have been released up until now.

Visit Dystimbria on Sonic Squirrel:

Sonic Squirrel does streaming, so maybe the biggest news here is that all of the tracks on Dystimbria are now streamable. In celebration, I made a big squirrely playlist of all the tracks, it’s four hours long!

Two new tracks at Dystimbria

Saturday, 01 January 2013

In the past couple of weeks two tracks have been released on the Dystimbria netlabel.

Dystimbria is a netlabel offering works by composers exploring sounds between what might be called ‘noise music’ and ‘ambient music. Each release on this netlabel appropriates sound sources from previous releases on the label, so every release is inter-connected with the others.

The new tracks are “Beasts (Homunculus-Basilisk)” by Schemawound
“The Ebb and Flow of the Cycle of Time” by Scott Lawlor

Both are free to download at the label website:

Four Improvisations

Monday, 01 January 2013

C. Hodges and I have released a small collection of some of our sound improvisations through the British netlabel Open Sound Group. I hope you’ll listen and perhaps download.


C. Reider – Edge and Artifact

Tuesday, 01 January 2013

There is a new C. Reider release out today called Edge and Artifact,
it is being released on the excellent Ilse Netlabel run by Travis Johnson.

It’s free to download.

Sometimes I over-explain things, so I’m just going to let some visuals do the talking this time:

That link, again…

Schemawound – BEASTS

Monday, 01 January 2013

Out today on Dystimbria, the first release of 2013:

Schemawound – BEASTS(Homunculus-Basilisk)

Dystimbria is a netlabel offering works by composers exploring sounds between what might be called ‘noise’ & ‘ambient’. Each release on Dystimbria appropriates sound sources from previous releases on the label, making all releases inter-connected.

Download it at Dystimbria.CC

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