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They Live in the Sky

Monday, 06 June 2011

Rescued from total unavailability into mere extreme obscurity, The Implicit Order’s 1997 classic “They Live in the Sky” was originally released in a limited edition of 35, traded amongst friends and new contacts as one did in the cassette underground cassette underground before the advent of the internet.

I did my own fair share of tape trading, and this tape was the first thing I’d heard from Anthony Washburn‘s project, and it made its way to my shelf of favorite tapes from my cassette days.

Upon asking Anthony recently if I could re-release this tape on Vuzh Music, he mentioned that he didn’t have a copy of it himself, hadn’t even heard the material in years. This re-release of “They Live in the Sky” was taken from my own cassette copy, presented here in 320±VBR kbps mp3 for your pleasure.

The Implicit Order
“They Live in the Sky”
Keywords: Industrial-ambient, collage-loops, alien atmospheres
Year: 1997

Free Download and streaming at the release page on

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