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Mystified remix of Electret Quintet track

Monday, 09 September 2010

In a timely occurrence, and in contrast to the new full length remix by Fosel of tracks from the Electret Quintet (mentioned in the previous post), Mystified has proffered a new remix of one track from the same collection. The new remix is very different in feel from the Fosel remixes, but still within the same sort of ambient / minimal techno realm as the original release.

Embedded below is the new remix by Mystified, along with the original for comparison purposes:

October22w CR-78 Mystified Remix by mystifiedthomas

October22w CR-78 by vuzhmusic


Tuesday, 07 July 2010

I just uploaded a track to SoundCloud from my 1998 collaboration with the Implicit Order. It’s a nice mix of noise & calming ambience… one of my favorite tracks from that project.

frtnth (c. reider & the implicit order) by vuzhmusic

Drone for Oil

Sunday, 05 May 2010

Brand new track, a SoundCloud exclusive:

Drone for Oil by vuzhmusic

Socialism is Evil

Saturday, 04 April 2010

Please listen to my new piece of music. I recorded it today!

It’s completely, intentionally derivative (of Steve Reich) but I’m still really happy with how it turned out, and with the emotional / political impact of it!

You know you want to listen to this, come on, the title alone should compel you!

Socialism is Evil by vuzhmusic

Red Fog ambient mix

Tuesday, 03 March 2010

I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything here, I promise I’ll be back! There are many items cooking on the Vuzh Music stovetop, but not much is ready to serve yet!

In the meantime, please enjoy this soft and spacious ambient mix by Red Fog, which features the “White Cube Drone” by C. Reider:
Red Fog Ambient Mix Part I by Red Fog


0:00……Numb Silence… The Air Of Bright Nights
5:25……Seetyca… An Exercise In Sonic Despair
9:00……Bagryanii Schliach… Ultima Thule
13:00….Stars Of The Lid… The Atomium Part III
16:55….Aim 23… Encounter
18:00….C. Reider… White Cube Drone
24:00….Mogwai Fear Satan… Mogwai (Surgeon Remix)
26:30….Henrik B…. Drifting
30:40….Inner Struggle… Night City Dreams
33:00….IOK-1… Dense Particles
37:50….Lustmord… Metastatic Resonance
45:00….Red Fog… Electric Skulls In The Frozen Sea
51:30….Seetyca… Vielleicht Erlischt Das Licht
54:20….Rick Hawkins… Impulse
57:00….Monokit… H-Drone
61:00….IOK-1… Spores
64:30….Lull… Time
69:25….Porzellan… Anaximander Gardens
74:20….I.M.M.U.R.E… Somnia


Monday, 01 January 2010

I am the DJ I yam what I yam.
Don’t turn around no, don’t turn around.

Uh. Here’s a mix I did of some minimal techno, and industrial, and other stuff, some of which informed my Electret Quintet project. I hope you like it.

Electret mix by vuzhmusic

You can download the whole thing at 320kbps at the Soundcloud page for this mix:

White Cube Drone

Thursday, 12 December 2009

Embedded in this post is new track hosted by SoundCloud called “White Cube Drone” It was recorded for the White Cube project, and for it I used sound sources from my friend and peer Gurdonark, who is one half of the team curating the sound portion of an art installation at the RAM Gallery in Wisconsin. Enjoy!

White cube drone by vuzhmusic

Mention in Disquiet Downstream

Friday, 12 December 2009

I was pleased to read today a nice write up of one of my tracks from the Electret Quintet 4 that I have posted on my SoundCloud page… Marc Weidenbaum writes:

…his sole instrument is an early analog drum machine, one called the TR-606, which was manufactured by the Roland corporation in the early 1980s. Reider milks the machine for all it is worth, and what’s remarkable about it isn’t just that he’s taken a tool of percussion and turned it into a tool for space music — all wandering echoes and hallucinated canyons — but how much, to fans of his other work, it is immediately of a piece with things he’s made on far different instruments on other sonic journeys he’s taken.

Read the entire article here:

Downstream, December 4, 2009
SoundCloud: Vuzh Does TR-606 Space Music

3/29 r TR-606

Sunday, 11 November 2009

3/29 r TR-606 by vuzhmusic

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