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Zero Decade

Thursday, 12 December 2009

From January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2009… the Zeroes…

This was the second decade of Vuzh Music (officially twenty years in 2011). Here are the best bits of what I did in the last decade, almost all of these are available for free download, so check them out!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Decade!

sneak preview

Wednesday, 12 December 2009

A sneak preview of the centerpiece of Electret Quintet 5, which is rumored to be the last release of the ZEROES.

December24x TB-303 by vuzhmusic

White Cube Drone

Thursday, 12 December 2009

Embedded in this post is new track hosted by SoundCloud called “White Cube Drone” It was recorded for the White Cube project, and for it I used sound sources from my friend and peer Gurdonark, who is one half of the team curating the sound portion of an art installation at the RAM Gallery in Wisconsin. Enjoy!

White cube drone by vuzhmusic


Sunday, 11 November 2009

More work on the Buddha Reduction today. Spiralling closer and closer to a final mix / master. Today involved a lot of combing over files with a “fine toothed comb” so to speak… listening to each file with headphones on (something I really almost never do!) listening for clicks and unwanted anomalies.
I was confronted with new kinds of distortion, and came up with new ways of thwarting them.
I discovered unwelcome frequency peaks that were previously hidden. I squashed them.
I redrew the line between acceptable noise and unacceptable noise, and excavated the terrain to match the map.

Some days, my music work involves a lot of waiting for files to process, and then performing some small task and waiting again some more for files to process.

Tedium is an acceptable side-effect to progress.

Dub trust

Tuesday, 06 June 2009

It’s always helpful to do a dub version.

Sometimes it ends up being THE version.

Electret Quintet 3 preview

Saturday, 05 May 2009

Looks like I didn’t make that personal deadline of getting “Electret Quintet 3” out in April! Ooops. It IS ready though, and it will come out very soon. I’m excited about it because it’s my favorite of the 5 part series… although I like the others also.

However, I did just upload the final track from “Electret Quintet 3” to my MySpace page:… you ought to find it right at the top of the player.

… and if you would like to check out the first two installments of the series, navigate over to the Electret Quintet page at Vuzh Music dot com, the same page where you’ll later find the third release available for free download.

Beard Power

Saturday, 04 April 2009

Somone just commented on C. Reider’s Last.FM page saying:

Молодой Лев Толстой))

… which translates as “Young Leo Tolstoy))”…

… which is pretty much the best comment ever! :DE

In other news, I just listened to the new collaboration between myself and Desohll, and it’s pretty wonderful. Vaporous and spooky dark-ambient! It appears that its release is imminent on Drô6n Records.

This is a preview of something else way cooler involving Desohll and C. Reider yet to come!


Sunday, 04 April 2009

Cover art and release date revealed for the Electret Quintet III.


Monday, 03 March 2009

My creative work precedes my mixdown / mastering work by a large gap of time, normally.

I’ve recently begun mixing and mastering for the Electret Quintet part 3, work which was composed and assembled in March 2008.

After a working through a few passes at a mixdown over the last few weeks, today I found — nested in the folder for one of the tracks to appear on the third part of this project — a folder titled ‘alt’, which contained a radical remix of that track… I haven’t heard this mix in over a year, and I’d completely forgotten about it! Pretty exciting discovery, for my part. The downside is that adding this new part in will add another couple of minutes to the total length, and I was already thinking it was reaching the limit of lengthiness. The first two tracks alone have a longer duration than the entirety of “The Electret Quintet part 2”.

It’s funny to me that the creative side of my psyche works quickly enough that I can record something and completely forget that it even exists. I wonder how much stuff I’ve created and then misplaced forever?

Didn’t the Residents record something that they intended to have released only once they’d forgotten they’d ever recorded it? That’s a good m.o., IMO.

Almost almost

Wednesday, 01 January 2009

Nearly nearly.


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